The geographical context of reference is the Peruvian region of Loreto, province Alto Amazonas, Peru. The project involves children from three territories along the river Paranapura: Yurimaguas, San Gabriel de Varadero and Balsapuerto.

Dedicated to Gianni Astrei, pediatrician who tragically died in 2009.

Project Life was created to help children with significant psycho-motor disabilities. In the difficult socio-cultural context in which they live, children with disabilities experience a profound lack of adequate and constructive support, and rarely can live peacefully and with dignity. Disabled children are considered a burden to the family’s survival, since they are not able to contribute to the daily activities such as harsh field works, fishing or hunting. Consequently, they are discriminated and marginalized, both from the school and the family context.


The Life Project, in partnership with qualified local personnel aims to medically and socially support therapeutic activities, rehabilitation and education for children with severe disabilities.


The project will contribute to the support of 10 disabled children/teenagers, who will find lodging and assistance at the rehabilitation Center “Hogar Mary of Nazareth”, held by the Lay Congregation of the Missionaries of Jesus. The Institution will ensure at least 50% improvement in the level of autonomy of the disabled children, and will increase up to 80% their possibility to have access to medical treatments at hospitals in Lima.

How to contribute

Enrolling in child sponsorship: the annual fee is 156 Euros, payable in a lump sum or in monthly installments of only 13 Euros.

Bank transfer to S.D.P. International Onlus IBAN IT96R0200873290000102705755 BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1535 UniCredit.

Giro account held by S.D.P. International Onlus n. 8329061 IBAN IT82S0760114500000008329061.

In the reason for payment, please specify “Project Life”.