The word Tainos is the name of an ancient and peaceful Indian tribe, native of the Dominican Republic. The name Seeds of Peace took inspiration from this tribe. The social and territorial context is extremely poor and degraded. Los Paralejos, in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic is an example of this very difficult environment: houses are small and overcrowded, roads are in poor conditions, water and sanitation services are scarce. The area is an extremely unhealthy and hard place to live. In these conditions, children are more prone to health and malnutrition problems, and often are victims of abuse and violence. In order to limit these grave problems, the Daughters of the Passion founded the college “San Benito” in 1982. The structure consisted of an old building made with cardboard walls and a tin roof, which was insufficient to host classrooms for about 400 students. With the help of Media Friends, Seeds of Peace has rebuilt and re-opened an enlarged structure in 2011.


The project provides the children with food, education, clothing, medicine, giving them the possibility of growing up and developing in their own country, maintaining firm ties with their family members.

How to contribute

Enrolling in child sponsorship: the annual fee, which constitutes the main form of support for the children involved in the project is 240 Euros, payable in a lump sum or in monthly installments of only 20 Euros.

Bank transfer to S.D.P. International Onlus IBAN IT96R0200873290000102705755 BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1535 UniCredit.

Giro account held by S.D.P. International Onlus n. 8329061 IBAN IT82S0760114500000008329061.

In the reason for payment, please indicate the project name, the file number associated with the sponsored child and the name of the supporter.