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  • Albinism is a genetic disease: skin does not get dark due to the lack of melanin. This phenomenon deeply alters the somatic traits typical of the own ethnic group: pure white skin as well as light hair and eyes in Africa! Discriminations are entirely based on the appearance and on the belief that Albino children […]

  • Semi di Pace is actively operating in the mission focused on the small town of Lumbi, where in addition to schools and an orphanage, there is also a small hospital. Mission is located in the South-West area of the Dem. Rep. of Congo, 435 kilometres (400km have recently been blacktopped while the remaining 35km are […]

  • Burundi is an African nation big as one of our Italian regions, with a population of 6 million people belonging to three different ethnic group, among which the most representative are Hutu (85%) and Tutsi (14%). The national language is Kirundi, but French is common as well. The 75% of the population declares to be […]

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