Semi di Pace is actively operating in the mission focused on the small town of Lumbi, where in addition to schools and an orphanage, there is also a small hospital. Mission is located in the South-West area of the Dem. Rep. of Congo, 435 kilometres (400km have recently been blacktopped while the remaining 35km are in the jungle, and are travelable only by driving off-road vehicles) far from the capital city Kinshasa. Tireless protagonists of such a reality are the Passionist Sisters of Saint Paul of the Cross. In Lumbi there are no eye doctors and it takes a 150 kilometres trip to be visited by an orthoptist. The hospital made a wing currently in the process of renovation available to the association, that will be destined to an ophthalmic operating theatre and a cardiac and paediatric clinic. Very close to the hospital unit, there is a little orphanage, where the children – whose mums have died while giving them birth – are received.