Albinism is a genetic disease: skin does not get dark due to the lack of melanin. This phenomenon deeply alters the somatic traits typical of the own ethnic group: pure white skin as well as light hair and eyes in Africa! Discriminations are entirely based on the appearance and on the belief that Albino children are also mentally retarded o, in some cases, exceptionally gifted. That is the reason why the “shamans” sell some parts of their body, as they were amulets or talismans. In fact, behind the albino children’s death, there are often organizations that traffic human organs. Priority of this project is therefore offering the children of the Dem. Rep. of Congo, the chance to be assisted and grow up in safe places. In Masimanimba (Masì as they use to call over here), together with the “Silver Coast” Rotary Club of Orbetello, we carry out a backing project for the albino population. We do help 17 children by paying their school boarding costs, giving solar creams (+50 sun protection factor), caps and sunglasses to protect them from the sun’s rays, moreover all of them are assisted by our ophthalmic clinic in Lumbi according to their different pathologies. Every child is provided with a specific kit consisting of a schoolbag, exercise books, pencils, ruler, a glass, etc. moreover an umbrella, essential to protect themselves from the sun, but also from the rain.