The Humanitarian Association Semi di Pace was born in Tarquinia in May 1980, from the experience of a group of young people who, through the music and the singing. Peace, brotherhood and communion among the individuals as well as the communities were and still are the values that inspired the path during all these years. Today, within the Organization, people belonging to different religious and political beliefs have joined because of their common passion to serve the neediest.

Semi di Pace International, non-profit organization 

The action of Semi di Pace is not restricted to Italy only, but looks far off, to those countries where poverty, lack of education, wars and natural disasters cause great suffering. For this reason, in 2009, born Semi di Pace International (non-profit Organization), developing humanitarian assistance and intervention activities at international level. Many different projects in the healthcare, educational and social field are currently in progress. New seats and offices have been open in Italy, Romania, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo, United Kingdom, India. The Association supports these countries with long-distant projects, promotes specific interventions aiming at the construction as well as renovation of homeless shelters, schools, day hospitals, dining halls and works in order to grant the safeguard of the basic human rights. The main goal of Semi di Pace International, concerning the abandoned children or with families in difficult conditions is to help them to grow up in their countries, as to believe in their own roots, to be able to plan and rely on a more certain and safer future.

The association “Semi di Pace” is a non-profit organization

It is registered to the Voluntary Organizations Regional registrar’s office, Social Services Section of Lazio Region;

It is registered to the Corporation and Associations registrar’s office, operating in favour of the immigrants, established among the Ministry of Labour and Welfare – Welfare and Social Security Department-Directorate General for Immigration;

It is registered to the Regional and National CAV Federation (Life Help Center) of the Italian Movement for Life;

It is included in the list of the Associations and Corporations legitimate to operate in court matters, in the name of, on behalf of or in support of the subject suffering the discrimination based on racial or ethnical reasons provided for by Art.5 of the D.L. July 9th 2003, n.215 instituted among the The Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Equal Opportunities Department and Ministry of Labour and Welfare;

Agrees to Gabbianella, Coordination of associations operating in the ambit of International long-distance projects, in more than 80 different countries;

It is member of SPES, Center of service for the voluntary work in Lazio.