• Engaged in humanitarian projects, in some of the poorest countries in the world, Seeds of Peace has opened for over 15 years the borders to the trips of solidarity.   The association offers the possibility to participate in volunteering experiences in the places where it operates in partnership with the local missionary communities. The  participants in […]

  • In many areas of the world even the most simple activities, like studying, taking care of themselves, having babies are obstructed by the extreme poverty and the total lack of infrastructures. Semi di Pace strives for building schools, care facilities, day hospitals, dining halls and workshops to create advancement, so that anyone could look with […]

  • In many areas of the world, the poorest ones, born is not at all easy, while grow up and live are often even harder. Even a simple illness could put life in danger. There are no hospitals, medicines, check-up and when the tools are available, they are with fee. In order to face similar needs […]

  • Milioni di bambini nel mondo non hanno accesso al cibo, all’acqua potabile, alle più elementari cure mediche e a un’istruzione di base. Negando loro questi diritti, li si priva di tutto.

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