Dedicated to Luca Leoni, Ttarquinian dancing champion passed away in 2004, the Amistad Project in Cuba, takes place in Jaruco, small town in the province of Mayabeque as well as in the capital city Avana. In Jaruco the project grants the purchase of educational materials addressed to the primary schools and the support to the special school Camilo Cienfuegos, attended by children with disabilities, with restoration of the building and the distribution of educational as well as health-hygienic materials. In addition, it supports the old age home and the hospital by donating clothes, healthcare material, medicines and medical equipment. In Avana instead, the project makes possible the collaboration with the community centre of Belen, where every day 1500 old people are helped and interventions in aid of the children in care at the oncological hospital Juan Manuel Marquez. The Amistad Project, “Luca Leoni”, also takes care of the dispatching of donations and means of transportation. Semi di Pace has been operating in Cuba since 1998, twinning year with the District of Jaruco.